Saturday, September 5, 2015

Shopping Diaries -- Part 1

“Shopping”...the word brings an instant smile to my face. No, I am not a shopaholic or a fashionista. Shopping, for me, has been about bonding and knowing – bonding with a person who at one point, was a stranger but today is among my closest friends; and knowing the city that at one point, was uncharted territory but today is like a second home.

Circa 2006...the first time in my life that I was moving out from my hometown. Filled with excitement (of doing my MBA) and anxiety (of being on my own in a new place), I landed in Ahmedabad.

As I recall my two-year stay at Ahmedabad, filled with immense learning and wonderful experiences, “shopping” conjures up several fond memories.

It was mainly over our shopping expeditions that Khushi and I became, and remain, close buddies. Whenever we were out shopping, we used to talk endlessly about our studies, classes, and hostel; about our families and hometowns; about movies, food, fashion, and sports; and generally about this and that
The connect that we formed then has only grown stronger over the years and though we live in different cities today and are consumed in our respective busy lives, when either of us has anything to share – an achievement, a grudge, a worry or a query – all it takes is one ping and there we go talking again!

Also, as we went shopping and exploring various places all over Ahmedabad, including C. G. Road, Law Garden, Satellite, and S. G. Highway, I began to absorb the city’s charming as well as mundane aspects. I went about the city admiring its rich culture and art, relishing the yummy and sweet-tasting Gujarati food, haggling with the auto-wallas, forever complaining about the hot short, I began developing a sense of belonging toward the city.

Zooming ahead to 2012...I got married and moved to Chennai – with mixed emotions, just like 2006. New place, new companion. Watch out for another post in future where I will talk about my shopping and outing experiences at the time with my hubby dearest!:)

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