Friday, January 2, 2015

The Luxury of Choice

I am the “new-age, educated, independent woman” of India.

And I have the “luxury of choice” -- things that I take for granted today, what my Mom and Grandma never had, and what majority women in India cannot even think of in today’s supposedly advanced/modern times:
  • Don’t feel like cooking today, let’s order a pizza!
  • Auto ride is such a pain, the haggling, the pollution…I’ve switched to Ola!
  • I’ve had a long day; I want to unwind by watching a movie
  • I have been so busy this week, have to come to office on Saturday too…shopping and spa therapy is what I need on Sunday!!
  • I don’t know, I am generally feeling somewhat bored in life, maybe a new hair-cut is what I need!
  • I am so stressed out, I need a vacation!!
  • House-keeping? Cleaning? Are you kidding me? I am much too qualified and talented to waste my time on such things!

I do not want to go into the pros and cons of this “luxury of choice” that I have, but I realize it would do me good to just remind myself and ponder over this every once in a while!