Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Power of Love!

The power of love,

We let go, of our parents, our home, our city,

Our entire life as it used to be!


The power of love,

We learn to complain less, accept more

We try to change, to measure up


The power of love,

We suffer, yet we forgive

On the other hand, we also realize how special we are, how integral to someone’s happiness

We are inspired; we accomplish things we doubt ourselves capable of


The power of love,

We tackle the messes in life replete!

Yet we feel content and complete:)

Friday, July 11, 2014

What do I want from life?

Inching towards my 30s, what I yearn for most is peace of mind...

But in the madness of ‘routine’ it’s so hard to find!

I want to dance, sing, play, cycle, read, write,

I want to just sit and spot shapes in clouds, count the stars, smell the rain-soaked soil

And as I travel back home after another day of toil,

I worry if am I living my life to the fullest?

Will I regret in life later these years gone by, where I simply chugged along each day...

And I resolve to break free, to not be afraid, to quit the routine and listen to my heart

But then my practical mind intervenes, I convince myself I should not go astray!

And so as I step into my home I gear up to continue the daily routine, comforting myself that the elusive peace shall greet me some day…it is maybe just a few years away…